Who we are

Milo is the artistic collaboration between two graphic designers: Loredana Papp-Dinea and Mihai Baldean. Their partnership, in business and real life, brought together their strengths and creativity but also their different vision about design. Build with hard work, Milo is a successful project that is continuously growing.


With over 10 years of experience in UI, we designed over 120 professional WordPress Themes and website templates, from business to eccentric creative designs, we’ve made over 10.000 clients happy through our partnerships with more than 5 Power Elite and Elite on authors that are selling our designs on on Envato Market themeforest.net. Milo’s designs are also available on all major digital marketplaces.


We are constantly working on our products to keep them up to date and if they occur any changes in software, scripts or engine that is using we are making it our priority and we will update as soon as possible.

Technical Support

We will offer you top notch technical support, helping you all the way through your project. We usually respond in 24h in weekdays. Request send during holidays or weekends may take a few days to respond. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Loredana Papp – Graphic Designer
Mihai Baldean – Graphic Designer & Editor
Cristi Banciu – Senior Developer
Nicu – PHP Developer

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