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Name: Jordan Jessep

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Part time composer. Always available for project work

For YouTube Users:

If any ‘Third Party Content’ claims appear on your videos (monetized videos included) you can quickly remove the claim by entering your details, video link, and by copying/pasting the contents from your purchased License Certificate here into the message box. Within 24 – 96 hours, the claim will be removed. If there are any further problems, or you have any questions, you can always email me at

Why do this?

- To prevent unauthorised usages of royalty free tracks.

- To assert ownership, since frauds often claim to own the track and steal ‘Third Party Content’ ad revenue, which FORCES you to join the system.

- To prevent online piracy of owned content.

- To track and monitor how and when tracks are being used on YouTube.

- This is not done to undermine the sales agreement between buyers and Audio Jungle. Buyers receive a proof of purchase upon buying, and have every right to use the content in their videos. YouTube understand this, and will clear the Third Party Content notice fairly promptly.

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