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uniquefx says

Hopefully the title didn’t get your hopes up about a new Envato bundle since this is all about indie games.

Pay what you want,help charity and get 5 cross-platform (Win/Mac/Linux) games + soundtracks.

Trailer for the games included can be found here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwANFc7D1ac

This “Limbo” game is just blowing my mind,also tried “Bastion” which was very impressive.Highly recommended if you feel like taking a break and trying out some cool games.

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dtbaker Volunteer moderator says

I got the last 2 bundles. Definitely getting this one as well.

I absolutely love how all games have 100% support for linux!

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garethcoker Reviewer says

If you’re a fan of game music, then you should check out the Game Music Bundle too.