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jenglot says

Moneybookers / Skrill is the Best in the World. Paypal only for US not for other country.

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Nissim_Payoneer says

@Lipruva: Payoneer also offers a bank transfer solution for Envato members (instead of the Payoneer card). Depending on your country, you can receive either local transfers or SWIFT , and the cost would be between $5.95-$9.95 per transfer. If you can tell me which country you’re in, I can give you exact numbers.

For currency conversion, it’s up to 3% above the official market mid-rates. There is no card, so it’s not based on MasterCard’s conversion rates.

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cloud9communication says

^ Paypal is nearly unusable in India too. According to their last year’s announcement,

- We can’t receive more than $500/month
- Each payment should be withdrawn within 30 days
- Payments received for export of goods or services can’t be used for purchases (it is NOT bank account :D )
- Each withdrawal should be made with relevant purpose category mentioned.

Not sure if those restrictions exists still now but unless the above restrictions are withdrawn by them, paypal is not for professional income in India.

Edit: Just checked and it is not 500 but $3000/month, that’s fine.
I am extremely happy with Paypal no restriction for me in India I have withdrawn $5000 as well I had no problem yes you need to withdraw it within 30 days if not auto withdrawal is done I have no limit you just need to connect it with your account and you are done